Cypress Ridge LMS 4529 Strata info

Rules and Info :

Just a reminder, NO changes or additions may be made to common property without the express approval of the strata council. Common property is that which is outside of your exterior walls except balconies which is limited common property. Please remember that ANY modifications to your unit (ie basement finish etc) must be reported to the Strata Council for approval.
You also may need City building permits as well. This is a city and strata bylaw.

No secondary suites (stoves in basement) are allowed in Cypress Ridge Strata LMS4529.
This is a City Bylaw


Strata Insurance Info for Owners & Residents :


Please bring this Strata Protect Insurance Summary – Strata Plan LMS4529 (CYPRESS RIDGE) to your ‘Home Insurance Provider’ to ensure you are covered for the deductibles under your ‘Home Owner’s Policy’.  Click here to view/download

Our Property Manager is : Monique Garneau, Licensed Strata Manager of Davin Management Ltd.
Monique can be reached at Tel: 604-594-5643 Ext: 223 or, by Fax: 604-594-5071
or, by Email:

Please note there is a new
EMERGENCY ONLY contact number . Dial the main number (604) 594-5643 and then by pressing “1” when the recording picks up this will transfer your call to a live answering service, who will then page the property manager you need.


Other News :


Attention New Owners – Helpful information for new Cypress Ridge Townhouse Owners:
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Cypress Ridge, LMS 4529 Strata Corporation Email notices signup:
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To reserve the clubhouse: Please contact Roy Borglund at Tel: 778-899-0920
or by Email:

Click here for the General Notice: December 9, 2018 Incident.

The information contained herein is for informational purposes to the owners of LMS4529. The attached bylaws may not be complete or up to date.

For a complete copy of the current bylaws contact the strata corp. or property manager.